Collection: Engagement Rings - Scottsdale AZ

By understanding the material selected, the design process and the different methods of manufacturing, James Elliot clients make the most prudent jewel collecting decisions.

With sound material selection decisions, we promise to design and create the most amazing jewelry, that become your timeless favorites. The James Elliot team has a passion for attention to the last detail in every piece of jewelry we make. By understanding the gemological nomenclature of precious gemstones, especially diamonds, and the nature of metals, great value is achieved in each piece.

Our collection of jewels is classic, yet edgy in design, delicate, yet strong in the way in which it is created and has a motif that ties the collection together. Over time, this is the essence of a collection of jewels worth collecting.

We hope to make your online experience as if you were visiting with us, face to face, in our Scottsdale Boutique. We always encourage a visit to Scottsdale, the next time you need a relaxing get away in Arizona.