Bez Ambar

Serious Jewels, Casual People....

Bez Ambar, one of the most creative designers of his generation, continues to set the standard for diamond cutting, with the Bez Ambar Blaze diamond. In 1981, Bez Ambar cut, patented and introduced the quadrillion diamond (the ideally cut princess) into simple timeless jewelry designs. Companies such as Tiffany and Cartier had Bez Ambar manufacture his classic designs using the quadrillion diamond, for many of their boutiques.

Bez Ambar's Blaze diamond, which is cut to trap the light from within its facets, then send that light out through each facet like a flame of a fire, is the featured diamond used in Bez Ambar's jewel collection.

Many of Bez Ambar's designs were born in James Elliot's Scottsdale Arizona and Beverly Hills California boutiques and we are proud to offer THE BEZ AMBAR COLLECTION directly to you in our online boutique as well as in person in Scottsdale boutique.